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Colorado Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+)

Colorado > Colorado Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+)


Program Description:

Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) is a low-cost health insurance program for uninsured Colorado children ages 18 and under whose families earn or own too much to qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford private insurance. CHP+ encourages preventive and early primary care by removing the financial barriers to health care. CHP+ works to improve the health status of Colorado children by improving access to appropriate medical care and to reduce overall health care costs. Health care involves more than dealing with emergencies. Regular check-ups can prevent many illnesses and catch others before they become dangerous. Dental care is very important, especially for children. But most quality health and dental care is expensive. But CHP+ lets you take control of your family's health and dental care needs. Your children go to the doctor, dentist or get medication when they need it, not only when you can afford it. Health Services include: check-ups and shots; well child care and immunizations; medical office visits; prescriptions; hospital services including outpatient services, inpatient care, and inpatient doctors' care; glasses and hearing aids; mental health care, such as counseling, hospitalization, and outpatient substance abuse treatments. Dental Services include: exams; cleanings; x-rays; fillings; routine extractions; limited root canal therapy, and other diagnostic and preventive services.


General Program Requirements:

In order to qualify for this benefit program, you must be a resident of the state of Colorado, under 19 years of age, not covered by health insurance (including Medicaid), a US national, citizen, legal alien, or permanent resident, and you must have an annual household income before taxes of less than $29,880 if two people live in the household; $37,536 if three people live in the household; $45,204 if four people live in the household; $52,872 if five people live in the household; $60,540 if six people live in the household; $68,208 if seven people live in the household; $75,876 if eight people live in the household; and $83,544 if more than eight people live in the household. For larger households, add $7,668 for each additional person in the home. Depending on your income level, you may have to pay a premium for coverage. Please see this state's program information for details.





Loan Terms:

Not Applicable


Application Process:

For an application and instructions, please visit:

You can call CHP+ Customer Service, Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm to get an application in the mail:

Your local Department of Human Services (DHS) can also give you an application, help you to fill it out and answer questions about CHP+. Click here to find a DHS near you:

You can pick up an application at the CHP+ office or at your local Satellite Eligibility Determination (SED) Sites - places in your area that can help you with the application process or answer questions about CHP+. Visit the CHP+ Web site to find the SED Site closest to you:


Program Contact Information:

For more information, visit:


Managing Agency:


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