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Frequently Asked Questions - Backlink Web Pages

How soon will my Web Pages be created?
Instantly. Your Web Pages will be created immediately after you submitted your site information.

Is your Service Free?
Yes. Our service is Totally Free.The only requirement we ask is that you provide a reciprocal link to us.

What types of sites will you allow?
We accept web sites with quality contents only. No Link Farms, Adult, Casino, Gambling and Drugs sites. We also manually view all submissions to verify. Sites do not comply with our guidelines will be deleted.

What is my Web Page url?

Where will my Web Pages be listed in your site?
Your Web Pages will be listed in our Links Directory which is listed in every page of our site.

How long will my Web Pages stay in your site?
Forever. We will not take down or change the url of your web pages. They are good for the life of our website.

What are the advantages of using your Web Page Link exchange service vs other Link Exchange services?

  1. We create a dedicated Web Page for you. Other link exchange systems don't. The dedicated Web Page we created for you has only 1 Backlink. This Backlink points to your site. Other Link Exchange systems have many Backlinks in the page where they list your site.
  2. The backlinks from our service are directly embedded into related article. SEO experts consider such contextual links as much more powerful than other types of backlinks. That means if your keyword is "dog training" then you write a page about dog or dog training and get a backlink directly within an article that is about dogs or even dog training.

    Such article-embedded backlinks have the highest value in the eyes of the search engines and are superior to all other types of backlinks!

What are your suggestions in creating good Backlink Web Pages?
Our only suggestion: Content. Search Engines like content. If yur Web Pages has good content, they will be listed at the top of their search results. Therefore, create Web Pages with quality content. Writing 1 or 2 sentences in your Web Pages gives search engines little information and will result in poor listing results for your web page.

Also if you supply quality content in your web pages, people will love it and will link to them as reference. Your Web Pages will get good traffic which will be directed to your site.

How many Backlink Web Pages can I create?
Five. We allow a maximum of Five Backlink Web Pages for each domain. Therefore, you can create up to 5 Backlink Web Pages with different content with links to your site.

Do I have to do something after you have created the backlink web page?
Only if you want to. A new page created here often gets picked up by the search engines quickly and over time also has chances to benefit from the high PR of the site when it gets interlinked with other pages of the site.

To increase such chances it is recommended to promote these pages we create for you further, for example by building backlinks to these pages, bookmarking and pinging them. This increases the value of the page and its backlinks on it further.

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