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Program Description:

Domiciliary Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Programs care for a wide range of problems. A veteran??s needs might be in any of the following areas

  • Medical
  • Psychiatric
  • Vocational
  • Educational
  • Social
Treatment and rehabilitation are provided by a team of professionals in an environment where veterans support each other as they focus on developing greater independence.


General Program Requirements:

Domiciliary Care is not part of the Medical Benefits Package.

But, to begin with, you must be enrolled in the VA health care system (or qualify based on one of the exceptions in the law) and thus be eligible for the Medical Benefits Package.

To see the basic Medical Benefits Package entry, go to the ?°Search?± box at the top right area of this page and type in the entry below. Be sure to include the quotation marks.

?°Basic Medical Benefits for Veterans?±

Further, Domiciliary Care has some eligibility rules of its own. You must meet one of these criteria:

  • Your annual income must not exceed the maximum annual Improved Disability VA Pension Rate
  • VA must determine that you have no adequate means of support
You can find the special eligibility rules for Domiciliary Residential Rehabilitation and Treatment (Domiciliary Care) in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Here are the references: Title 38, CFR 17.46, 17.47, and 17.48. They??re available on the Web at either of these sites:

Government Printing Office (Standard Site)

Government Printing Office (Continuously Updated Site)

In addition, we must find that you??re capable of handling the activities of daily living by yourself and that you??re willing to participate in your own treatment. Here are the issues we must consider in determining whether domiciliary care is right for you:

  1. Are you interested in working with us to identify goals for improving your quality of life? This would require participating in a program that works on physical and emotional health issues and looks at how you??ve been functioning in your family and community.
  2. Do you need help in learning how to get along more independently in your community?
  3. Do you need treatment for medical, mental health, or substance abuse problems?
  4. Are you willing to join with a whole group of veterans and VA staff that works together to help members heal physically and emotionally, and gain as much independence as possible?
  5. Are you able to accomplish the ordinary activities of daily living, including personal care, with no help or very little help? This might include the ability to use a wheelchair or other assistive devices.
  6. Are you able to live in a ?°community?± of veterans without posing a risk to yourself or to others?
Even if we decide that our program is not a good ?°fit?± for you, we may be able to help you find some other arrangement that does work.





Loan Terms:

Not Applicable


Application Process:

For more information, see the Program Contact Information below.


Program Contact Information:

For more information please visit:

You can find the locations of the domiciliaries at this site:


Managing Agency:

Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

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