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VA - Birth Defects Assistance - Health Care - Children of Women Vietnam Veterans Health Care Program

Veterans-Active Duty > VA - Birth Defects Assistance - Health Care - Children of Women Vietnam Veterans Health Care Program


Program Description:

The program covers most healthcare services and supplies that are medically or psychologically necessary for the treatment of conditions related to the covered birth defect.

VA can also reimburse expenses for travel to and from your doctor or health care facility.

Some services require specific advance approval or preauthorization.


General Program Requirements:

If you have a birth defect and your mother served in Vietnam, VA may be able to pay for some of your health care.

Your birth mother must have served in Vietnam during the period from February 28, 1961, through May 7, 1975.

VA has no requirements regarding the character of the mother's discharge or the length of her service.

Eligibility rules with respect to the birth defect itself are somewhat complex. Some kinds of birth defects automatically qualify; some have to be studied case-by-case; some are not covered by the law.

If you have any birth defect, we urge you to apply and let us determine whether you're eligible.





Loan Terms:

Not Applicable


Application Process:

For more information, see the Program Contact Information below.


Program Contact Information:

To apply, you must complete VA Form 21-0304. You can download the form at:

When you've completed the form, send it to:
VA Regional Office
Veterans Service Center (339/21)
Box 25126
Denver, CO 80225

You can call us Monday through Friday from 8:05 AM to 6:45 PM Eastern Time at:

You can also fax us at:

You can email us at:

Detailed program information, including a program handbook, brochures, and facts sheets, is available for review or download at:


Managing Agency:

Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

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