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Program Description:

This is a new program for people at risk of losing their home due to default and foreclosure. The program provides new, 30-year, fixed rate mortgages that are insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Homeowners having difficulty paying their mortgages may be eligible to refinance into a mortgage that they can afford. Hope for Homeowners is voluntary and both lender(s) and homeowner(s) must agree to participate.


General Program Requirements:

You should contact your lender to determine eligibility, but you may be eligible if, among other factors:

  • The home is your primary residence, and you have no ownership interest in any other residential property, such as second homes.
  • Your existing mortgage was originated on or before January 1, 2008 and you have made at least six payments.
  • You are not able to pay your existing mortgage without help.
  • As of March 2008, your total monthly mortgage payments due were more than 31 percent of your gross monthly income.
  • You certify that you have not been convicted of fraud in the past 10 years, intentionally defaulted on debts; and did not knowingly or willingly provide material false information to obtain existing mortgage(s).





Loan Terms:

Not applicable


Application Process:

For more information, see the Program Contact Information below.


Program Contact Information:

Additional information is available at:

Information about the program is available at:


Managing Agency:

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

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