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Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program (K-TAP)

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Program Description:

Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program (K-TAP) is the monetary assistance program established by Kentucky using Federal funds from the TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) block grant. K-TAP provides financial and medical assistance to needy dependent children in Kentucky and the parents, or relatives, with whom the children are living. K-TAP also helps families find jobs or get training that leads to a job.A family can only get K-TAP for 60-months (5 years) in a lifetime. Each month a family gets K-TAP counts toward the 60-month limit. A family does not have to get K-TAP for 60-months straight. For example, a family can get K-TAP for 24-months and stop. Later, the family can get 36-more months.K-TAP payments to families are based on family size and income. In addition to the monetary grant, K-TAP recipients may also be eligible for supportive services such as childcare and transportation assistance through the Kentucky Works program. Relocation Assistance is also available to qualified K-TAP recipients, as are the educational bonus, work incentive bonus, and Employment Retention Assistance.


General Program Requirements:

In order to qualify for this benefit program, you must be a resident of the State of Kentucky, a U.S. citizen or qualified alien, unemployed or under employed (working for very low wages), a parent/relative caregiver who is responsible for children up to the age of 18 (or 19 years old if meeting the school attendance requirement), and have low or very low income.





Loan Terms:

Not Applicable


Application Process:

To apply, contact your local Community Based Services office:


Program Contact Information:

For additional information about K-TAP visit:

Or call the K-TAP information line at:


Managing Agency:


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