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Servicemembers?? Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

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Program Description:

Under the Servicemembers?? Civil Relief Act (SCRA), Veterans Affairs (VA) may protect the life insurance of a service member called to active duty.

The insurance will be protected from default for nonpayment of premiums for up to $400,000. The protection applies during the insured??s period of military service and for a period of two years thereafter.


General Program Requirements:

The following conditions apply:

  • The policy must be whole life, endowment, universal life, or term insurance,
  • The policy must have been in force on a premium-paying basis for at least six months at the time the servicemember applies, for benefits, and prior to the date of the insured's entry into military service,
  • The member remains responsible for paying the premiums following service,
  • Military service cannot cause benefits from the policy to be limited, reduced, or excluded.
Policies for which an additional amount of premium is charged due to military service are not eligible for protection under SCRA.

For more information, see the Servicemembers?? Civil Relief Act section of the ?°VA Life Insurance Programs for Veterans and Servicemembers Handbook.?±





Loan Terms:

Not Applicable


Application Process:

The service member must apply for protection of their life insurance by filing VA Form 29-380 "Application For Protection Of Commercial Life Insurance Policy" with their insurance company and forwarding a copy of the application to VA.


Program Contact Information:

For more information, contact VA to ask a question online or search our Frequently Asked Questions at:

You may also call the VA Insurance Center at:

Hearing impaired users can call:


Managing Agency:

Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA)

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