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Career Development Assistance Programs

The followings are listings for Career Development Assistance Programs. Detailed information of Program Description, Program Requirements, Application Process, Program Contact Information and Agency managing the Program are listed in the listing. Click on each listing to learn more about how to apply for these government benefits.

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National Farmworker Jobs Program National Farmworker Jobs Program

The National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) provides job training, employment assistance, and other supportive services to migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their dependents with the goal of helping farmworkers secure full-time employment. read more

National Fire Academy Training Assistance National Fire Academy Training Assistance

The National Fire Academy Assistance Program provides travel stipends to students attending Academy courses. read more

National Research Service Awards National Research Service Awards

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) makes Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Institutional Training Grants (T32) available to eligible institutions to develop or enhance research training opportunities for individuals,...read more

Native American Employment and Training Programs Native American Employment and Training Programs

This program supports employment and training activities for Native American, Alaskan Native and Native Hawaiian individuals to develop their academic, occupational and literacy skills, make them more competitive in the workforce, and promote the...read more

Native Employment Works Program Native Employment Works Program

The purpose of the NEW (Native Employment Work) program is to make work activities available to grantees' designated service populations and service areas. Allowable work activities include (but are not limited to): educational activities; training...read more



Native Hawaiian Health Systems Native Hawaiian Health Systems

The mission of the Native Hawaiian Health Care Program is to improve the health status of Native Hawaiians by advocating, initiating, and maintaining culturally appropriate strategic actions aimed at improving the physical, mental and spiritual...read more

Nurse Anesthetist Traineeship Nurse Anesthetist Traineeship

The Nurse Anesthetist Traineeship program supports traineeships for licensed registered nurses enrolled as full-time students beyond the twelfth month of study in a master's nurse anesthesia program. read more

Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program

To assist in the recruitment and retention of professional nurses dedicated to providing health care to underserved populations, the Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program offers registered nurses substantial assistance to repay educational loans...read more

Nursing Workforce Diversity Nursing Workforce Diversity

The Nursing Workforce Diversity increases opportunities for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, including racial and ethnic minorities underrepresented among registered nurses. The opportunities provided include student scholarships or...read more

One-Stop Career Center Initiative One-Stop Career Center Initiative

One-Stop Career Centers are at the heart of the new workforce investment system emerging under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). These centers provide an integrated array of high-quality services so that workers, job seekers, and businesses can...read more

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