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Emergency Management Institute (EMI) Independent Study Program

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Program Description:

The Emergency Management Institute (EMI) Independent Study Program consists of self-paced courses designed for both the general public and people who have emergency management responsibilities. They are offered free-of-charge to all who qualify for enrollment, and college credit can be obtained through a for-fee service after successful completion of a course. Each Independent Study Course includes lessons with practice exercises and a final examination. Those who score 75 percent or better are issued a certificate of achievement from EMI. Course completion times vary from two to fourteen hours, depending on the course and the student's background.

Independent Study Programs are based online and are open to the general public without review or exception. Courses differ from those taught in EMI??s Residential Education Program.


General Program Requirements:

In order to qualify for this benefit program, you must be a U.S. national, citizen or dual citizen.





Loan Terms:

Not Applicable


Application Process:

For information on how to apply for this program, please visit:


Program Contact Information:

More information on the EMI can be found at:

You can also send email to:

You can also view information on EMI's Residential Education Program.


Managing Agency:

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

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